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 Take Action NOW!

  • Contact your Lender

    Lenders do not want to take your home! Contact your lender as soon as you realize you have a financial challenge that might delay your mortgage payment. Open and respond quickly to all mail from your lender or their agents. Delay will reduce the options lenders may make available to you. Learn about the approaches lenders use to help borrowers

  • Meet with a Nonprofit Housing Counselor

    Free and confidential foreclosure prevention assistance is available from Maryland’s HOPE network of nonprofit organizations Maryland’s housing counselors can help you with options for reducing your mortgage burden and can help you communicate with your lender.
    Come to your housing counseling appointment prepared for progress! If you cannot get a timely appointment or cannot travel to a counselor’s office, a free telephone non profit counseling option is available 24/7 from the national HOPE hotline, 1-888-995-HOPE

  • Avoid foreclosure “rescue” scams

    FREE and objective assistance from a nonprofit housing counselor and your lender is available! Don’t sign any legal documents without first getting objective legal advice. Learn about common predatory real estate practices so that you can avoid them. If you feel you have been the victim of a scam or a predatory practice, report this to the Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation,  1-888-784-0136

  • Prioritize your spending and SAVE money

    Review your finances and cut spending where you can. Look especially at variable expenses like entertainment, clothing, and memberships. Do you have assets you can sell? Can anyone in your household work more hours for additional income? Efforts such as these are important to demonstrate to your lender that you are willing to make sacrifices to keep your home. Learn more about budgeting and savings strategies

  • If foreclosure is unavoidable

    • There are other supportive services in your area, such as the United Way’s 211 / First Call for Help which can be reached by calling 1-800-492-0618, or, in most regions, 211
    • If you need to locate rental housing, see DHCD’s housing locator service or call 1-877-428-8844
    • Go to Resident Resources on for information on housing, health, employment, utilities, transportation and other assistance from the State of Maryland.